As you are aware, all of our orders are normally fulfilled by Amazon. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Amazon has taken a commercial decision to prioritise health related products at the expense of non-essential items such as music. Therefore, the Amazon delivery time for music products has been considerably extended as many orders are designated as ‘pending ‘and may be delayed by 14 days or more in reaching you.
In addition, Amazon, like every other business, is being faced with logistics problems and staffing issues. As you will have seen Amazon is trying to recruit and train 11,000 additional staff. The result of this is that dispatch of many orders for multiple items are now being split by Amazon over a number of shipments so you may receive your order for multiple items in two or three separate packages posted by Amazon at different times.
In order to make sure you get everything you ordered we are also shipping some items direct from our own warehouse. These items are delivered by Royal Mail.
Please note therefore that some items in your order for multiple items may therefore come to you direct from stocks held at Amazon while other items in your order may be coming to you in a different shipment direct to you from our warehouse. 
Please rest assured, in these difficult times , we are doing our very best to get orders to you as swiftly as possible, but due to the difficulties of ensuring our staff are working safely during the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting staff shortages at Amazon and in our own warehouse  there will inevitably be a delay in getting some orders to you.
As a result of the above please allow 21 days for delivery of all orders.
We strive to deliver much quicker but please bear with us and thanks again for your support and understanding.
The Coda Team