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Yes - Tormato: Limited Edition on CD with Bonus Tracks

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Yes - Tormato: Limited Edition on CD with Bonus Tracks

Tormato is Yes' ninth studio album and it is their last album with singer Jon Anderson and keyboardist Rick Wakeman before their departure from the group in 1980. After touring in support of their previous album Going for the One (1977) the band entered rehearsals in London. At the time Yes struggled with recording, but the album was nonetheless a triumph and well worth revisiting.

Track Listing:

1. Future Times/Rejoice

2. Don't Kill the Whale

3. Madrigal

4. Release, Release

5. Arriving UFO

6. Circus of Heaven

7. Onward

8. On the Silent Wings of Freedom

9. Abilene (Bonus Track)

10. Money (Bonus Track)

11. Picasso (Bonus Track)

12. Some Are Born (Bonus Track)

13. You Can Be Saved (Bonus Track)

14. High (Bonus Track)

15. Days (Demo) (Bonus Track)

16. Countryside (Bonus Track)

17. Everybody's Song (Early Demo of Does It Really Happen)

18. Untitled Hidden Track