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The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Hot City: The 1974 Unreleased Album (CD)

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This release is a great discovery from the archives of Record Producer Shel Talmy. In 1974, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band went into the recording studios with legendary US producer Shel Talmy (The Who/The Kinks) to record their biggest album to date.

When the sessions were finished and album was mixed, the band and management amazingly decided to scrap the entire album and Talmy returned to Los Angeles with his master tapes.

You can now hear how that album sounded and SAHB fans will be totally surprised and amazed at the different styles, delivery and lyric arrangements of well known SAHB songs such as Vambo, Man In The Jar, Anthem and Tomahawk Kid.

There is also previously unreleased song Ace in the Hole which has not been heard even by the band, since those studio sessions in 1974.

This release also includes: a Deluxe Digipak 20-page booklet with rare photos and extensive liner notes from the band, who give track by track comments and opinions.


Track Listing

  1. Vambo
  2. Man In The Jar
  3. Hey You
  4. Long Haired Music
  5. Sergeant Fury
  6. Tomahawk Kid V.1
  7. Ace in the Hole
  8. Weights Made of Lead
  9. Last Train V.1 (Aka-Anthem)
  10. Tomahawk Kid V.2
  11. Last Train V.2


Format: CD / Album

Label: Major League

Catalogue No: MLP18CD

No of Discs: 1

Release Date: 16 Mar 2009