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T. Rex – Tanx (2020 Reissue on 180g Clear Vinyl – Remastered by Tony Visconti & Ted Jensen)

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Released on 16 March 1973, Tanx is the fourth studio album by T. Rex (their eighth since their debut as Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1968). Tanx was a musical departure from previous works: still containing tracks in the vein of The Slider, singer and songwriter Marc Bolan showed his interest for soul music, funk and gospel. New instruments such as mellotron were used, allowing the T. Rex sound to evolve.

Upon its release, Tanx was a commercial success. It peaked at No. 4 in the UK albums chart, No. 3 in the German albums chart and No. 5 in Norway. No singles were released to promote the album.

Creem hailed the album saying, ‘song for song, this might be Marc Bolan’s strongest album. Certainly, it’s the most varied, and the most musical’.


Track Listing

Side One

  1. Tenement Lady
  2. Rapids
  3. Mister Mister
  4. Broken Hearted Blues
  5. Shock Rock
  6. Country Honey
  7. Electric Slim and the Factory Hen

Side Two

  1. Mad Donna
  2. Born to Boogie
  3. Life is Strange
  4. The Street and Babe Shadow
  5. Highway Knees
  6. Left Hand Luke and the Beggar Boys