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T. Rex – Solid Gold (2016 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

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T. Rex – Solid Gold (2016 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

This excellent compilation album, titled Solid Gold: Best of Marc Bolan and T. Rex, is the real thing! It contains all of T. Rex' biggest hits (Telegram Sam, Metal Guru, Solid Gold Easy Action, 20th Century Boy, Children of the Revolution) and not so big hits (Truck On Tyke, Zip Gun Boogie, Laser Love). It's an excellent capsule collection of one of the greatest glam rock acts in history.

Track Listing

Side 1

1. 20th Century Boy

2. Groover

3. New York City

4. I Love to Boogie

5. Mystic Lady

6. Children of the Revolution

7. Dreamy Lady

8. Metal Guru

Side 2

9. Telegram Sam

10. Truck On (Tyke)

11. Light of Love

12. Laser Love

13. Dandy in the Underworld

14. Soul of My Suit

15. London Boys

16. Solid Gold Easy Action