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Rush – Finding the Way (Limited Edition Vinyl Picture Disc)

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Rush were never the darlings of the media and their ascent to fame was achieved the hard way by playing gigs and letting word of mouth do the rest. There were a few exceptions to the rule however, radio station WMMS Cleveland radio were sympathetic to the cause and were prepared to take the rare step of broadcasting a whole one hour concert across the airwaves. This particular gig is the priceless record of the first ever concert radio broadcast by Rush.

The set is skewed towards songs from their debut album, Rush, which was recorded before Neal Peart joined the band. Of special interest is the fact that the broadcast also features the earliest versions of tracks from the forth-coming Fly by Night album. However, the holy grail for Rush fans are the two hitherto unreleased tracks; the legendary Fancy Dancer and Garden Road neither of which ever made it to vinyl. Also featured is a cover of Larry Williams' Bad Boy a straight ahead rock ’n’ roller rocker and a real curio which is certainly not in the classic Rush mould. The set was produced with the collector in mind and is essential listening for every Rush fan.


Track Listing

Side One

  1. Finding My Way
  2. The Best I Can
  3. In the End
  4. Fancy Dancer
  5. In the Mood

Side Two

  1. Bad Boy
  2. Working Man
  3. What You're Doing
  4. Garden Road