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Rolling Stones – Gold from the Brian Jones Era: Collector's Edition (10-Inch Double Album on Gold Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve)

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It is now over 50 years since the world lost one of its true great rock stars. Brian Jones was the driving force behind the formation and growth of the Rolling Stones. It was Brian's talent as multi-instrumentalist in the studio and as a rock-solid performer on stage which shaped the sound of the Rolling Stones and helped propel the band to greatness. Brian Jones made such an impact on the sound of the Rolling Stones he has lent his name to an era in the history of the band. 

This powerful 50th anniversary anthology celebrates the wonderful period of unrivalled creativity of the Rolling Stones in the studio, on the road and on the airwaves. The years from 1963 to 1968 were the halcyon years of the Stones and the name of Brian Jones will forever be associated with that brilliant legacy. 

This deluxe collector's edition includes:

  • Rolling Stones - The Inside Story of the Brian Jones Era
  • Rolling Stones - The Brian Jones Era - Full Length e-Book
  • Rolling Stones - Documentary Film 

This remarkable double album is unique as the 10-inch format brings an extra-dimension of exclusivity each edition is pressed in a limited run of only 2,000 copies. So its best to grab your copy while you can as there is no guarantee it will ever be pressed again. 


Track Listing

Side One

  1. Not Fade Away
  2. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
  3. I'm Moving On
  4. Paint It Black
  5. Lady Jane 
  • Track 1 - Regent Street 10th January 1964
  • Tracks 2 & 3 - Joe Loss Show 10th April 1964
  • Tracks 4 & 5 Ed Sullivan Show - 11th September 1966

Side Two

  1. 19th Nervous Breakdown
  2. Get Off Of My Cloud
  3. The Last Time
  4. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
  5. Little Red Rooster 
  • Tracks 1-3 Paris 29th March 1966
  • Tracks 4 & 5 - Paris 18th April 1965 

Side Three

  1. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
  2. Time Is On My Side
  3. Ruby Tuesday
  4. Let's Spend The Night Together
  5. As Time Goes By 
  • Track 1 - Ed Sullivan 13th February 1966
  • Track 2 - Ed Sullivan 25th October 1965
  • Tracks 3 & 4 - Ed Sullivan 15th January 1967
  • Track 5 - De Lane Lea - 11th March 1964 

Side Four

  1. It's All Over Now
  2. If You Need Me
  3. Carol
  4. Mona
  5. Under My Thumb 
  • Tracks 1-4 - Joe Loss Show 17th July 1964
  • Track 5 - Ready, Steady Goes Live! 27th May 1966