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Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone 3CD Limited Edition

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This 3-CD issue includes a whopping 45 tracks from the first eight Rainbow albums, including seven from their seminal debut album and the whole of Side 2 of Rising.

This set even features an outtake from the deluxe version of Down to Earth. Spanning Rainbow's entire back catalogue this album really is the best of the 'Best Of's. There’s so much here that it's really the only Rainbow CD you will ever need!

Among the litany of classic tracks featured are Stargazer, Man on the Silver Mountain, A Light in the Black, Gates of Babylon, Spotlight Kid, Catch the Rainbow, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll and Since You've Been Gone.

See below for full track listing.

Rainbow – Since You Been Gone: The Essential (3-CD Set)

Disc 1

  1. Stargazer
  2. Man On the Silver Mountain
  3. All Night Long
  4. Lost in Hollywood
  5. I Surrender
  6. Death Alley Driver
  7. Street of Dreams
  8. Can't Let It Go
  9. Run with the Wolf
  10. Bad Girl
  11. Jealous Lover
  12. Power
  13. Mistreated (Live 1976)

Disc 2

  1. Gates of Babylon
  2. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
  3. The Temple of the King
  4. The Shed
  5. Since You Been Gone
  6. Stone Cold
  7. L.A. Connection
  8. Difficult to Cure
  9. Black Sheep of the Family
  10. Spotlight Kid
  11. A Light in the Black
  12. Freedom Fighter
  13. Ain't a Lot of Love in the Heart of Me (Alternative Outtake)
  14. Lady of the Lake
  15. Sixteenth Century Greensleeves

Disc 3

  1. Eyes of the World
  2. Rainbow Eyes
  3. Danger Zone
  4. Make Your Move
  5. Vielleicht Das Nachster Mal
  6. Rock Fever
  7. No Time to Lose
  8. Drinking with the Devil
  9. Sensitive to Light
  10. Snowman
  11. Snake Charmer
  12. Midtown Tunnel Vision
  13. Still I'm Sad
  14. Desperate Heart
  15. Magic
  16. Weiss Heim
  17. Catch the Rainbow