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Rainbow – Live in Birmingham 2016 (Double-CD)

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Rainbow – Live In Birmingham 2016

Blackmore’s newest incarnation of Rainbow has been doing light touring and recording new material.  From their 2016 show in Birmingham comes this live album, a welcome addition to the Rainbow catalogue.  20 years since their last tour with White, Rainbow has an all-new line-up including Jens Johansson, the top rated keyboard player who made his fame with Yngwie Malmsteen and Dio himself.  Also on board are members of Ritchie’s acoustic Renaissance project Blackmore’s Night:  David Keith and Bob Nouveau on drums and bass.  Backing them are singers Lady Lynn and Candice Night from the same project.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Over the Rainbow/Highway Star
  2. Spotlight Kid
  3. Mistreated
  4. Since You Been Gone
  5. Man On the Silver Mountain
  6. Soldier of Fortune
  7. Difficult to Cure (Beethoven's 9th)
  8. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2

  1. Perfect Strangers
  2. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
  3. Child in Time
  4. Stargazer
  5. Black Night/Woman from Tokyo/Black Night
  6. Burn
  7. Smoke On the Water