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Pink Floyd – Why So Terribly Loud? (Limited Edition 12-Inch Album on Gold Vinyl)

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Side One is the powerful record of the infamous night when Pink Floyd performed material from The Piper at the Gates Of Dawn and were subsequently challenged to justify their work by a contemptuous Hans Keller.

Side Two is the compelling primary source account by the four members of Pink Floyd which reveals what it was like to work with Syd Barrett and how he helped shape the birth of Pink Floyd.

The first hand memories of life with Syd from Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Rick Wright and David Gilmour are complemented by the personal recollections of Joe Boyd, producer of Arnold Layne, the first Pink Floyd single, and Norman ‘Hurricane’ Smith, who produced the first Pink Floyd album.


Track Listing

Side One

  1. Hans Keller – Introduction
  2. Pow R. Toc H. (27 January 1967)
  3. Astronomy Domine  (27 January 1967)
  4. Interstellar Overdrive  (27 January 1967)
  5. Interstellar Overdrive (Palazzo dello Sporto, 6 May 1968)
  6. Hans Keller – Interview with Syd Barrett & Roger Waters

Side Two

  1. Reflections on Syd Barrett by Pink Floyd