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Motörhead – No Sleep 'til Hammersmith (2015 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

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Originally released in 27 June 1981, No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith was the first live album from Motörhead during the Short, Sharp Pain in the Neck five-date tour in 1981 (actually recorded in Leeds and Newcastle - there was no London date on the tour). It was a UK No. 1 album and is often cited as one of the most essential live albums of all time.

Track Listing:

Side One

  1. Ace of Spades
  2. Stay Clean
  3. Metropolis
  4. The Hammer
  5. Iron Horse
  6. No Class

Side Two

  1. Overkill
  2. (We Are) the Road Crew
  3. Capricorn
  4. Bomber
  5. Motorhead