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Mastodon – The Hunter (Vinyl Picture Disc)

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Here at Coda we love the vibrant design on this limited edition release. With it's unique artwork and eye-catching colours this is a great item for collectors.

Mastodon's fifth album was described by their drummer Brann Dailor as 'really super heavy Led Zeppelin or something.' In the album, Brann takes lead vocal duties on two songs, which he also wrote. Touchingly, the album was named after, and in honour of, Brent Hind's brother who died during a hunting incident whilst the band were recording the album.

This picture disc features wooden artwork from Sad Demon Oath by AJ Fosik, a woodcarver who is also responsible for the backdrop the band uses live. The picture disc itself does justice to the work as the colours morph from deeper browns to orange-brown in a panoply of brown colours. Featured tracks on the album include Black Tongue, Stargasm, The Hunter and Creature Lives.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Black Tongue
  2. Curl of the Burl
  3. Basteroid
  4. Stargasm
  5. Octopus Has No friends
  6. All the heavy lifting
  7. The Hunter

Side Two

  1. Dry Bone Valley
  2. Thickening
  3. Creature Lives
  4. Spectrelight
  5. She's got medals
  6. Bedazzled Fingernails
  7. The Sparrow