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Kraftwerk – Radio-Activity (Limited Edition on 180g Translucent Yellow Vinyl)

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The hyphenated album title displays Kraftwerk's typical deadpan humour, being a pun on the twin themes of the songs, half being about radioactivity and the other half about activity on the radio. More word plays are evident in the track listing: Radio Stars, which as a title could refer to pop stars, but upon listening is revealed to be about quasars and pulsars.

This was the first Kraftwerk album to be entirely self-produced by Ralf Hütter and Schneider.

Track Listing

Side One 

  1. Geiger Counter
  2. Radioactivity
  3. Radioland
  4. Airwaves
  5. Intermission

Side Two

  1. News
  2. The Voice of Energy
  3. Antenna
  4. Radio Stars
  5. Uranium
  6. Transistor
  7. Ohm Sweet Ohm