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King Crimson – The Studio Albums 1969–1973 5-LP Bundle

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Save over £30 when you buy these iconic albums together with this vinyl bundle offer!*

Progressive rock legends King Crimson were formed in 1968 in London. The band draws inspiration from a wide variety of music, incorporating elements of classical, jazz, folk, heavy metal, gamelan, industrial, electronic, experimental music and new wave. They exerted a strong influence on the early 1970s progressive rock movement, including on contemporaries such as Yes and Genesis, and continue to inspire subsequent generations of artists across multiple genres.

Here, the King Crimson’s first five studio albums are presented as a vinyl bundle offer – In the Court of the Crimson King (1969), In the Wake of Poseidon (1970), Lizard (1970), Islands (1971) and Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (1973).

All five of these iconic albums have been pressed on super heavyweight 200g vinyl.


In the Court of the Crimson King (2010 Reissue on 200g Vinyl)

This album features the original stereo mix of In the Court of the Crimson King and is newly cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp.

Released on 10 October 1969, In the Court of the Crimson King is the debut studio album by King Crimson. The album is one of the first and most influential of the progressive rock genre, where the band combined the musical influences that rock music was founded upon with elements of jazz, classical, and symphonic music.

The album initially received mixed reactions from contemporary critics. Village Voice critic Robert Christgau called the album ‘ersatz shit’, while John Morthland of Rolling Stone said King Crimson had ‘combined aspects of many musical forms to create a surreal work of force and originality’. The album has since attained classic status, with AllMusic praising it ‘as if somehow prophetic, King Crimson projected a darker and edgier brand of post-psychedelic rock’ in its original review by Lindsay Planer, and calling it ‘definitive’ and ‘daring’ in its current review. Alexander Milas of Classic Rock described In the Court of the Crimson King as the album which ‘blew off the doors of musical convention and cemented these quintessentially British innovators’ place in rock history for all time’.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. 21st Century Schizoid Man
  2. I Talk to the Wind
  3. Epitaph

Side Two

  1. Moonchild
  2. In the Court of the Crimson King


In the Wake of Poseidon (2011 Reissue Remixed and DMM Remastered on 200g Vinyl)

In the Wake of Poseidon is the second studio album by progressive rock pioneers King Crimson, released on 15 May 1970. The album was recorded during instability in the band, with several personnel changes, but features a very similar style and sequence to their first album, In the Court of the Crimson King. As with their first album, the mood of In the Wake of Poseidon often and quickly changes from serene to chaotic, reflecting the versatile musical aspects of progressive rock. To date the album is their highest-charting in the UK, reaching No. 4. The album has been well received by critics.

This wonderful album was originally part of the remix / rarities series of titles previously only available in boxed set editions. Originally Remixed 2009 by Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp for King Crimson’s 40th anniversary. 

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Peace – A Beginning
  2. Pictures of a City
  3. Cadence and Cascade
  4. In the Wake of Poseidon

Side Two

  1. Peace – A Theme
  2. Cat Food
  3. The Devil’s Triangle (instrumental)
  4. Peace – An End


Lizard (2012 Reissue on 200g Vinyl)

This album features the original stereo mix of Lizard and is newly cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp.

Released on 10 December 1970, Lizard is the third studio album by King Crimson. It was the second consecutive King Crimson album recorded by transitional line-ups of the group that did not perform live, following In the Wake of Poseidon. This is the only album by the band to feature singer and bass guitarist Gordon Haskell (apart from his appearance singing Cadence and Cascade on the previous album) and drummer Andy McCulloch as official members of the band.

In his retrospective review, AllMusic’s Dave Lynch described it as, ‘Seamlessly blending rock, jazz, and classical in a way that few albums have successfully achieved, Lizard is epic, intimate, cacophonic, and subtle by turn – and infused with the dark moods first heard when 21st Century Schizoid Man and Epitaph reached listeners’ ears the previous year.’ Classic Rock described Lizard as ‘a decidedly Miles Davis-influenced hodgepodge of classical and jazz influences brought to their logical, near-chaotic end’ and definied its music ‘mind-bending, unclassifiable creative stuff.’

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Cirkus (including Entry of the Chameleons)
  2. Indoor Games
  3. Happy Family
  4. Lady of the Dancing Water

Side Two

  1. Lizard
a. Prince Rupert Awakes
b. Bolero – The Peacock’s Tale
c. The Battle of Glass Tears
i. Dawn Song
ii. Last Skirmish
iii. Prince Rupert’s Lament
d. Big Top


Islands (2020 Reissue on 200g Vinyl – Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp Stereo Mixes)

This album showcases the 40th anniversary stereo mixes by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp.

Released on 3 December 1971, Islands is the fourth studio album by King Crimson. Islands is the only studio album to feature the 1971-1972 touring line-up of Robert Fripp, Mel Collins, Boz Burrell and Ian Wallace. This would be the last album before an entirely new group would record the trilogy of Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Starless and Bible Black and Red between 1973-1974. This is also the last album to feature the lyrics of co-founding member Peter Sinfield.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Formentera Lady
  2. Sailor’s Tale (instrumental)
  3. The Letters

Side Two

  1. Ladies of the Road
  2. Prelude: Song of the Gulls  (instrumental)
  3. Islands


Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (2013 Reissue on 200g Vinyl)

This album features the original stereo mix of Larks’ Tongues in Aspic and is newly cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp. Digital downloads codes for all the audio content are also included.

Released on 23 March 1973, Larks’ Tongues in Aspic is the fifth studio album by King Crimson. This album is the debut of King Crimson’s third incarnation, featuring co-founder and guitarist Robert Fripp along with four new members: bass guitarist and vocalist John Wetton, violinist and keyboardist David Cross, percussionist Jamie Muir, and drummer Bill Bruford. It is a key album in the band’s evolution, drawing on Eastern European classical music and European free improvisation as central influences.

In his contemporary review, Alan Niester of Rolling Stone summarised the album saying ‘You can’t dance to it, can’t keep a beat to it, and it doesn’t even make good background music for washing the dishes’ and recommended listeners to ‘approach it with a completely open mind.’ He described the songs on the album saying that they were ‘a total study in contrasts, especially in moods and tempos – blazing and electric one moment, soft and intricate the next.’ While not fully appreciative of the music on the record, he complimented the violin playing as ‘tasteful […] in the best classical tradition.’

Bill Martin wrote in 1998, ‘for sheer formal inventiveness, the most important progressive rock record of 1973 was… Larks’ Tongues in Aspic’, adding that listening to this album and Yes’s Close to the Edge will demonstrate ‘what progressive rock is all about’.

AllMusic’s retrospective review was resoundingly positive, marking every aspect of the band’s transition from a jazz-influenced vein to a more experimental one as a complete success. It deemed John Wetton ‘the group’s strongest singer/bassist since Greg Lake’s departure’.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part One
  2. Book of Saturday
  3. Exiles

Side Two

  1. Easy Money
  2. The Talking Drum
  3. Larks’ Tongues in Aspic, Part Two

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