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King Crimson – In The Court Of The Crimson King (CD with DVD)

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Recapture the Thrill of Hearing the perfect Sound of King Crimson With a Brand-new Remastered Double Album Edition of This Legendary Album on CD and DVD.

If you love King Crimson and value the experience of lovingly curated sound, this newly re-mastered edition will take your listening pleasure to another level.

This is the 40th anniversary edition of one of rock music's seminal debut albums.


Track Listing

Disc 1

1. 21st Century Schizoid Man (2009 Stereo Mix)

2. I Talk to the Wind (2009 Stereo Mix)

3. Epitaph (2009 Stereo Mix)

4. Moonchild (2009 Stereo Mix)

5. The Court of the Crimson King (2009 Stereo Mix)

6. Moonchild (Full Version)

7. I Talk to the Wind (Duo Version)

8. I Talk to the Wind (Alternate Mix)

9. Epitaph (Backing Track)

10. Wind Session (Extracts)

Disc 2

1. Entire Album in 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo - DVD