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Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast (On 180g Vinyl)

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In September 1981 Bruce Dickinson auditioned for Iron Maiden and was immediately hired. The following month, Mr. Dickinson went out on the road with the band for the first time on a small headlining tour in Italy, as well as a one-off show at the Rainbow Theatre in the UK. For this last show, and in anticipation of their forthcoming album, the band played Children of the Damned and 22 Acacia Avenue, thereby introducing fans to the more polished sound towards which Iron Maiden were progressing.

Iron Maiden immediately hit the recording studio and in 1982, Iron Maiden released their third studio album, The Number of the Beast. The album was a huge commercial success and  gave the band their first UK Albums Chart No. 1 record. The Number of the Beast additionally became a Top Ten hit in many other countries.

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Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast (On 180g Vinyl)

The band then embarked on their second world tour, entitled The Beast on the Road, during which they visited North America, Japan, Australia, and Europe, including a headline appearance at the Reading Festival. A new and hugely successful chapter in Iron Maiden's future was cemented.

Track Listing:

Side One

  1. Invaders
  2. Children of the Damned
  3. The Prisoner
  4. 22 Acacia Avenue

Side Two

  1. The Number of the Beast
  2. Run to the Hills
  3. Gangland
  4. Hallowed Be Thy Name