Iron Maiden - Killers - the Legendary Second Studio Album

Iron Maiden - Killers - the Legendary Second Studio Album


Iron Maiden - Killers - the Legendary Second Studio Album

Killers is the second studio album by Iron Maiden. Before the inimitable Bruce Dickinson there was, of course, the inimitable Paul Di'anno . It was Paul who originally fronted the band, grabbed the attention of EMI Records  and helped to propel Iron Maiden from obscurity to greatness. This 1981 album is a real tour de force and if you haven't got a copy... well now's your chance!

In 1981 Iron Maiden released their second studio album, Killers. It was Launched on the back of a huge selling debut album and well won reputation as a live band. Iron Maiden were deeply unsatisfied with the production on their debut album, so , in order to avoid 'difficult second album syndrome ,  the band , in a stroke of genius , hired veteran Deep Purple producer Martin Birch. Martin would go on to work with Iron Maiden for the next twelve years until his retirement in 1992.

it is interesting to note that The Killers album contained  many tracks written prior to their debut album release. In fact  only two new songs were written for the record in the form of  "Prodigal Son" and "Murders in the Rue Morgue"

If you need a little reminder of just how good the album was , here is Iron Maiden performing Killers from 1981.

Sadly by 1981, singer Paul Di'Anno was demonstrating increasingly self-destructive behaviour, particularly due to his drug usage, about which Mr. Di'Anno has always been candid, "It wasn't just that I was snorting a bit of coke, though; the fact was I was just going for it non-stop, 24 hours a day, every day! ... the band had commitments piling up that went on for months, years, and I just couldn't see my way to the end of it. I knew I'd never last the whole tour. It was too much." With the standard of  his performances waning dramatically , Paul Di'Anno was immediately dismissed following the Killer World Tour. This album is the swansong of his hugely influential spell as the front man of this legendary band.

The cover of the album Killers also witnessed the second album cover to feature  the infamous, but much loved, character in the form of the shadowy ghoulish figure known as Eddie.  Eddie was created and brought to life ( or should we say half life? ) by artist Derek Riggs. Eddie has been ever present on every Iron Maiden studio album since the debut record and is now totally synonymous with Iron Maiden. In fact its now impossible to envisage the band without the ominous presence of their undead mascot.


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