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Inner City - Paradise (Rare 1989 Original)

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Get a true dance classic on the 1989 cassette. This edition was released exclusively in Indonesia and makes an excellent collector's piece. Featured on the album are the hits Big Fun, Ain't Nobody Better, Do You Love What You Feel and the all-time favourite Good Life. This is a great piece of dance history and a prime example of the early detroit techno that took the world by storm. 

This is a vintage cassette and is not factory sealed.
This item is in Excellent condition - please see images for details.

Track Listing:
Side A

  1. Inner City Theme
  2. Paradise
  3. Ain't Nobody Better
  4. Power of Passion
  5. Big Fun

Side B

  1. Do You Love What You Feel
  2. Good Life
  3. Set Your Body Free
  4. And I Do
  5. Secrets of the Mind