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Iron Tyger – Hyperdrive (Limited Edition 12-Inch Album on Blue Sparkle Vinyl)

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Iron Tyger stand out from the crowd. This powerful hard rock group are fronted by a show stopping female lead vocalist, the amazing Roz Smith. Roz brings a unique quality to the band’s huge repertoire of classic rock stadium anthems.

For Hyperdrive, their third studio album, Iron Tyger have created a real masterpiece which features stunning new versions of eight iconic classic rock tracks performed in Iron Tyger’s signature hard rocking style.


    Track Listing

    Side One

    1. Wishing Well
    2. Don't Fear the Reaper
    3. Highway to Hell
    4. Hyperdrive


    1. More Than a Feeling
    2. Whiskey in the Jar
    3. Radar Love
    4. Soldier of Fortune