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Genesis – Platinum Collection (3-CD Box Set)

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Platinum Collection is a career-spanning box set by British veteran rock band Genesis. It was released in 2004 in the UK and 2005 in North America. The fact that this nifty retrospective of rock's favourite public schoolboys comes in three parts is entirely fitting. Genesis were definitely a band of three halves. 30 years saw them go from prog to pop, alienating one fanbase and gaining a far larger and more lucrative one in the process and the story's here for the telling.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. No Son of Mine
  2. I Can't Dance
  3. Jesus He Knows Me
  4. Hold On My Heart
  5. Invisible Touch
  6. Throwing It All Away
  7. Tonight Tonight Tonight (Edit)
  8. Land of Confusion
  9. In Too Deep
  10. Mama
  11. That's All
  12. Home By the Sea
  13. Second Home By the Sea
  14. Illegal Alien
  15. Paperlate
  16. Calling All Stations

 Disc 2

  1. Abacab
  2. Keep It Dark
  3. Turn It On Again
  4. Behind the Lines
  5. Duchess
  6. Misunderstanding
  7. Many Too Many
  8. Follow You Follow Me
  9. Undertow
  10. In That Quiet Earth
  11. Afterglow
  12. Your Own Special Way
  13. A Trick of the Tail
  14. Ripples
  15. Los Endos

 Disc 3

  1. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  2. Counting Out Time
  3. Carpet Crawlers
  4. Firth of Fifth
  5. The Cinema Show
  6. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
  7. Supper's Ready
  8. The Musical Box