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Dolly Parton - Love Is Like A Butterfly (1974 Original)

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Get the classic album Love Is Like a Butterfly on the original 1974 cassette from EMI records. One of Parton's most critically acclaimed albums, this release includes the famous single Love Is Like a Butterfly, which was long considered Dolly Parton's signature song. The album is filled with ten classic tracks, including If I Could Cross Your Mind, Gettin' Happy, and Once Upon a Memory - this is an essential item for any Dolly Parton fan. 

This is a vintage cassette, and is not factory sealed.
This item is in Excellent condition - please see images for details. 

Track Listing:
Side A

  1. Love Is Like a Butterfly
  2. If I Cross Your Mind
  3. My Eyes Can Only See You
  4. Take Me Back
  5. Blackie, Kentucky

Side B

  1. Gettin' Happy
  2. You're the One That Taught Me How to Swing
  3. Highway Headin' South
  4. Once Upon a Memory
  5. Sacred Memories