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Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers: (1999 Remastered on CD)

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Perfect Strangers is the eleventh studio album by Deep Purple, released in 29 October 1984. It was the most successful album recorded by the re-formed Mark II line-up.

The CD and cassette versions of the album contained the extra track Not Responsible  (which contains the lyric "I've got no ticket, but I'm gonna take a fucking ride", making it a rare example of profanity in a Deep Purple song). The album was remastered and reissued on 22 June 1999 with the bonus instrumental track Son of Alerik. The latter had previously been available as a B-side on the single Perfect Strangers in 1984.


Track Listing

  1. Knocking at Your Back Door
  2. Under the Gun
  3. Nobody's Home
  4. Mean Streak
  5. Perfect Strangers
  6. A Gypsy's Kiss
  7. Wasted Sunsets
  8. Hungry Daze
  9. Not Responsible
  10. Son of Alerik