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Springsteen, Bruce – Letter to You (Double-LP on 180g Grey Vinyl)

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Letter to You is the twentieth studio album from Bruce Springsteen. Released in October 2020, it was Springsteen’s first new studio album with the E Street Band to be released since 2014’s High Hopes.


Letter to You was met with widespread critical acclaim; critics responded favourably to the album’s treatment of issues of ageing and mortality. The album was a commercial success, topping several international charts and was Springteen’s twenty-first Top 10 album in the United States.

Track Listing:

Side One

  1. One Minute You’re Here
  2. Letter to You
  3. Burnin Train
  4. Janey Needs a Shooter

Side Two

  1. Last Man Standing
  2. The Power of Prayer
  3. House of a Thousand Guitars
  4. Rainmaker

Side Three

  1. If I Was the Priest
  2. Ghosts
  3. Song for Orphans
  4. I’ll See You In My Dreams