Rush - 2112 - Limited Edition - 3LP Box Set, 180 G Vinyl Download+ Turntable Mat

Rush - 2112 - Limited Edition - 3LP Box Set, 180 G Vinyl Download+ Turntable Mat



Rush - Rush 2112- 40th Anniversary Edition - 3LP Box Set, 180 Gram Vinyl +download Card and Turntable Mat

Fantastic Box Set...only a Limited Number!!!


1 1 2112: Overture / the Temples of Syrinx / Discovery / Present
1 2 A Passage To Bangkok (Album Version)
1 3 The Twilight Zone (Album Version)
1 4 Lessons (Album Version)
1 5 Tears (Album Version)
1 6 Something For Nothing (Album Version)

2 1 Solar Federation
2 2 Overture
2 3 A Passage To Bangkok
2 4 The Twilight Zone
2 5 Tears
2 6 Something For Nothing
2 7 2112 (Live At Massey Hall Outtake, Toronto / 1976)

3 1 Something For Nothing (Live At Massey Hall Outtake, Toronto
3 2 The Twilight Zone (Live/1977)
3 3 2112 1976 Radio Ad


If you love Rush and value the experience of lovingly curated sound, this newly re-mastered edition will take your listening pleasure to another level.

Hearing the perfect sound of a brand-new copy of your favourite album by Rush, Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, U2 or Eagles will transport you back to the glorious day when you first opened the cover to reveal the precious grooves. You can experience once more the magic of the day you heard the power of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC or Guns N’ Roses for the first time. Especially if it comes in the form of a brand-new  remastered copy pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl

 The great thing about revisiting a new copy of your old favourites is that, with modern mastering techniques such as Direct Metal Mastering, the quality of the sound reproduced on vinyl is now even better than you remembered it, and a pristine new gatefold sleeve is another gem to be treasured anew.

Fortunately, help is at hand, as you can always visit to seek out a brand-new copy of The Court of the Crimson King, Physical Graffiti  or Hot Rats; so your old vinyl friend can retire gracefully while his fresh-faced new offspring does all the hard work.

 Many of your favourite albums these days are being released in double album format with DMM mastering and bonus tracks, so the new vinyl experience just gets better and better.

 Here at we were delighted to find that Jimmy Page has gone back to the original studio tapes and remastered the original Led Zeppelin albums, U2 have been busy at work on their back catalogue and David Coverdale has been working hard as Executive Producer overseeing the re-mastering of the very best of the Whitesnake oeuvre. 

James Guthrie Floyds' engineer has gone back to re-work the original masters of all the Floyd classics and Robert Fripp have been overseeing the entire output of King Crimson on 200 Gram super heavyweight vinyl re-mastered using the high quality DMM technique. We keep searching for the latest collector’s vinyl and everyday there’s a whole world of new treasures for you to discover.



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