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Camel – Moonmadness (CD)

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Moonmadness is the fourth studio album by Camel. It was released in March 1976 on Decca and Gama Records and is their last album recorded by the group's original line-up of Andrew Latimer, Peter Bardens, Doug Ferguson, and Andy Ward. After reaching success with their previous album, the all instrumental The Snow Goose, the band started on a follow-up and incorporated vocals and lyrics to the new music. Moonmadness has a loose concept with one track based on the personality of each band member. In 2018, Camel performed the album live in its entirety.


Track Listing

  1. Aristillus
  2. Song Within a Song
  3. Chord Change
  4. Spirit of the Water
  5. Another Night
  6. Air Born
  7. Lunar Sea
  8. Another Night
  9. Spirit of the Water
  10. Song Within a Song
  11. Lunar Sea
  12. Preparation/Dunkirk