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Buckley, Jeff – Grace (2015 Reissue on 180g Vinyl)

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Released on 23 August 1994, Grace is the only studio album by American singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley. The album initially had poor sales and received mixed reviews. However, in recent years it has dramatically risen in critical reputation. The album has been cited by critics and listeners as one of the greatest albums of all time.

Grace won appreciation from a host of revered musicians and artists, including members of Buckley’s biggest influence, Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page considered Grace close to being his ‘favourite album of the decade’. Others who had influenced Buckley’s music lauded him: Bob Dylan named Buckley ‘one of the great songwriters of this decade’, and David Bowie considered Grace to be the best album ever made, and had said it would be one of his ten ‘Desert Island Records.’

In 2003, Grace was ranked No. 303 on Rolling Stone’s list of the ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time’, and 304 in a 2012 revised list, and later 147 in the 2020 list. In 2006, Mojo named Grace the No. 1 Modern Rock Classic of All Time. It was voted No. 99 in the third edition of Colin Larkin’s All Time Top 1000 Albums (2000). Larkin stated ‘his music achieved a perfection that was staggering for a debut album’.


Track Listing

Side One

  1. Mojo Pin
  2. Grace
  3. Last Goodbye
  4. Lilac Wine
  5. So Real

Side Two

  1. Hallelujah
  2. Lover, You Should’ve Come Over
  3. Corpus Christi Carol
  4. Eternal Life
  5. Dream Brother

Producer: Steve Berkowitz, Jeff Buckley, Andy Wallace

Format: Vinyl / 12” Album

Label: Sony Music CMG

Catalogue No: 88875147701

Barcode: 0888751477018

Release Date: 20 Nov 2015