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Bowie – More Sounds + Visions (10-Inch Double Album on Silver Vinyl)

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Following the runaway success of Sounds + Visions on 10-Inch gold vinyl, there has been huge public demand for a second volume featuring the other Bowie hits which were performed on the SOUND+VISION Tour.  

This 10-Inch double album collector’s edition entitled More Sounds + Visions is the outcome of the fans passion for Bowie.

This powerful volume is pressed on silver vinyl. It is the result of the fans’ requests for a follow-up to the Gold Vinyl edition. Featuring the very best of the performances from the SOUND+VISION tour, here is the second chapter which completes the story of Bowie’s greatest hits tour!

This remarkable double-album is unique as the 10-Inch format brings an extra-dimension of exclusivity to each limited edition which is pressed in a limited run of only 1000 copies. The added impact comes from the fact that this unique commemorative collection is presented in a beautiful gate-fold sleeve which opens to unveil the words of Bowie himself.

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"I’m wallowing in the whole idea of just being a guy out there with a band. It’s really enjoyable.." - David Bowie


Track Listing

Side One

  1. TVC15
  2. China Girl
  3. Be My Wife

Side Two

  1. Stay
  2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

Side Three

  1. Blue Jean
  2. White Light, White Heat
  3. Station To Station

Side Four

  1. Panic In Detroit
  2. Suffragette City
  3. The Jean Genie/ Gloria