Roxy Music - Iconic Debut Album : 2020 Remixed by Steven Wilson on Clear Vinyl

Attention all Roxy Fans!

Roxy debut re-made and re-modelled!

...the latest offering from Coda Records Classics Range and the next in the series of blogs featuring Steven Wilson Remixes, is the iconic Roxy Music debut album entitled strangely enough Roxy Music.

Coda have a limited stock of this fantastic piece of work by Steven on clear vinyl...a real collectors item, especially for ardent Roxy afficianados.

This remix is the final piece of the Roxy Music revolutionary debut album celebration and with the full blessing of the band, Steven Wilson’s stereo mix of the epochal work first saw light of day as a Record Store Day 2020 exclusive.

This limited edition LP is pressed on 180g, clear vinyl and mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road.

Here`s a bit of live Ladytron to whet the appetite...

The sense of ‘otherness’ Roxy Music exemplified is particularly amplified in this remix. With oboe and primitive electronics, the effect is not unlike hearing a kind of post-apocalyptic pop cobbled together from a word-of-mouth account of what rock music was once rumoured to be like.

Choosing to leave Steven Wilson’s stereo mix on the shelf in favour of the 1999 album remaster – which most fans will already have – presents a missed opportunity.

Best of all is Steven Wilson’s perceptive surround sound mix. The depth and details exposed by the medium are stunning. The added muscularity to Graham Simpson’s supple, melodic bass work is especially satisfying, while the bristling, white noise dogfights during The Bob, squalls of frenzied distorted guitar carried on Sea Breezes, the gently cascading echoing saxes of 2HB and the 50s retro sci-fi planetscapes of Ladytron have quite simply never sounded better. 

Though not to everyone’s taste, this kind of treatment opens up an alternative reality, a glimpse of how the album could have been, had different choices been exercised.

This remix expands on the head-turning impact and defiant glamour this record had upon its release 45 years ago. ‘Fade away, never’ indeed.



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