Deep Purple - Fireball, Machine Head, Made in Japan, Made in Europe, In Rock, Who Do We Think We Are? and a host of other Classics on Purple Vinyl

Some further gems from the Coda Records Classics range.....

Deep Purple - Fireball, Machine Head & Made in Japan 

The return of vinyl has allowed a new generation to experience the brilliant rock that was produced in the 1970’s as LPs took everyone's imagination. With this in mind, it's a great time to revisit some of those albums….

Deep Purple had produced some fine records, but 1971 saw the breakthrough gem that is entitled Fireball. The incendiary single of the same name shot into the UK Top 20, while the LP sat proudly at No.1. The combination of Ian Gillan’s vocal range and the extraordinary guitar skills of Ritchie Blackmore were never better demonstrated than on this piece of brilliant rock!

Along with the guitar virtuosity and vocal acrobats came the incomparable keyboard talent of Jon Lord. The whole record is held together by the superb rhythm section of Roger Glover on bass and the drums of Ian Paice.

Over the seven tracks Purple put their unique stamp on rock which still astounds the listener 50 years on!

The group lost no time in building on the widespread success of Fireball which hit No. 1 in most countries in Europe. Machine Head followed and contained songs destined to be ‘classics’. Smoke On The Water  was a graphic account of a fire which struck while recording in Montreux, and contained fantastic rifts and keyboard accompaniment whilst the song builds to a top notch solo in the climax.

Elsewhere on the LP came the songs Lazy and Space Truckin’ which are epic rock workouts that showcased the magnificent drumming of Ian Paice.

The piece de resistance however is the phenomenal Highway Star that is propelled along like a finely-tuned race car before becoming one of rock's finest guitar solos.

This magnificent follow-up enabled extensive touring which in turn produced one of the all time top live albums… Made In Japan.

If the two studio albums laid evidence of the group's writing and recording talents, then Made In Japan demonstrated the sheer explosive dynamics of this group, from the opening meteor like Highway Star which exhilarates from the opening bars as it gathers pace and goes full throttle guitar to the climax.

Mesmeric playing from Lord and then Blackmore! Ian Gillan gets his chance to shine on the haunting Child in Time before Smoke On The Water explodes into the show. The atmosphere is almost palpable in the grooves of this historic piece of vinyl.

Next up are The Mule and then yet another classic Strange Kind Of Woman. Once again the live rendition of this is superb, crackling with electricity, in fact its inclusion is a bonus as the song had been replaced on Fireball by Demons Eye

Summing up, you have Deep Purple at their finest both in the studio and live. Finer examples of 70’s rock would be hard to find! Such is their quality in both writing and performing they are still able to play in front of hundreds and thousands of fans who flock to hear the ‘classics’ at arenas all around the world.

Ok, so what is your your favourite incarnation of Deep Purple I - IV? and favourite Deep Purple album on purple vinyl?? Let us know your picks and we may surprise you with a little prize!

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